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                     Business Cash Advance Business Funding Options

Originally, a merchant cash advance is an amount paid to the business in exchange to the percentage of future credit card or debit card sales that is agreed upon. It is a business funding option that has to be paid back in six to eighteen months. GC Capital Funding provides business cash advances – merchant cash advances to the business owner in exchange for the percentage of the daily credit card income of the business. This all is done directly from the processor that clears and settles the credit card payment for the business. The company’s remittances are drawn from the customers debit and credit card purchases until the obligation is met and is done on daily basis.

The business advance options are primarily for business owners who are declined for the business funding by their current banking institutions.  The repayment of the loan is handled through an automatic daily ACH business loan withdraw until the loan repayment is completed. A merchant advance is not a loan but is a sale of the portion of the future credit or debit card sales. The payments in the form of advance depend on the sales volume of the business. The processing of the cash advance for the business owner is faster as compared to the loans.

This type of fast business funding can be used for renovation, expansion, purchase of inventory or equipment and website development. GC Capital Funding provides has a very easy documentation process and the funds are available in very less time unlike other lending sources. With this form of funds, the business owner has the option that once fifty-sixty percent of the loan has been paid out, he or she can renew an additional loan to secure more capital and continue with the business growth continuously. Business cash merchant advance gives the option to the business owners to sell a portion of their future credit card or debit sales to secure the advance that has been granted to them.

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