Express Business Loans

Business loans are the prime requirement for an existing business as well as a start-up. Short term fast business loans nationwide are provided by CG Capital in no time and are made available to you at the time you need it. The documentation involved is less and also the associated cost of the process. The entire process to avail the fast business loans is simple and quick thus saving time and efforts of our clients. Our business loan specialist, plan the best possible financing solutions for business owners who approach us for business lending assistance and services.

The loan request made to us by our clients are customized by him or her. The client is required to specify the loan amount that is required and the span of time over which the repayment of the loan will be made. Based on these details, the professionals at GC Capital will look for the best possible loan suiting the client requirements.

To provide the funding to the business owner, the team reviews the business cash flow, the performance of the business in the specific industry and other factors that determine the overall reputation of the business. We aim to provide express business financing to the business owners who are denied loan request by their local bank. You do not have to get worried after this kind of denial. Traditional lending firms provide loans to firms having a good credit score and follow very strict rules when providing the loans to the business owner for their operations. We offer a variety of loan types based on the business requirement that you share with us. The qualifying criteria for getting the expedited business loans that we have are simple. The loan options that we have are based on the businesses that generate $10,000 at least after the monthly sales.

Does Your Business Qualify

1 Year in Business

Minimum Time In

Business Simply 1 Year

Monthly Revenue

Must Have Minimum Of $10,000

In Monthly Gross Sales

Deposit Volume

Business Must Have A Minimum Of

7 Monthly Deposits

Benefits To Your Business

No Personal Guarantee

No Application Fee

No Collateral to needed

No adjustable payment

No Closing Cost

Low Documentation

1 Day Decisions


Automated Repayment

Build Business Credit