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SBA stands for small business administration loan. SBA loans are the ones that the small business owners can think of getting in case he or she is thinking of purchasing or renovating commercial real estate or purchasing equipment to expand the business. GC Capital is the market leader in providing commercial & SBA business loans to many business owners.Conventional business financing programs vary depending on the borrower’s needs. Standard business loans have been the key to many successful businesses. It is a type of loan that is guaranteed in part by the U. S. government. SBA loans have many benefits that are not present in the other type of loans.

The finance experts at GC Capital will assist the business owners with the SBA loans. The Small Business Administration was created by the U. S. government to help entrepreneurs grow and expand their business operations. SBA loans are mainly provided to the business firms for the purchase of fixed assets, which can be real estate, building, and machinery at low market rates. The main aim behind this form of loan is the development of the businesses.

In order to qualify for the business lending in the form of SBA , the borrower firm must meet the SBA’s definition of a small business and should plan to use over half of the property for its own operations within one year of ownership. If the building is to be newly constructed the borrower must use more than half at once and plan to occupy the rest.

GC Capital also provides commercial lending to the business owners. We understand the capital needs of the small businesses. Our team listens to the requirements of the business owners and we provide the best possible solution in the form of commercial & SBA business financing. Business needs to grow everyday and also the capital requirements are undefined so a cash reserve is essential. Commercial business funding options are provided to enable a business to purchase commercial property.

When you need capital for buying the property for the business operations, Commercial & SBA business loans are a good choice. If you have a commercial financing need, we have a commercial financial solution for you in the form of commercial business loans. Most of these loans are asset based and rely on property income potential and value. Due to the rising prices, it is not easy to buy commercial property. So we enable the business owners to buy any form of commercial property. Our funding options provide the required capital to the business for growth. Construction Loans are also a viable option with many terms to choose from.

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